5 essential factors you must consider while comparing WordPress plans

Choosing a WordPress plan can be tough since there are so many hosting services providing plans at lucrative prices. But when you are spoilt for choices, how does one know that one plan is better than the other? In such a scenario doing a smart check based on points of differentiation is a must to narrow down the search. Which is why, we bring you 5 essential factors to take into account as you compare WordPress hosting plans. Do you think we have made your work simpler already? Read further to know more.

  1. Pricing of the plans

Without a shred of a doubt, this should be the first priority. A good WordPress plan will begin at a minimum $2-$3. This plan will include  2 CPU Cores with 2 GB RAM and 5 GB Storage with automatic updates and WordPress support. Most WordPress Plans are priced higher than what they offer, so keep a close eye on the same. Try to gauge the  number of visitors that you are expecting on your website month on month. This will help you know which pricing will work better for you since WordPress plans change as per the number of monthly users and visitors. Most importantly, you will know what bandwidth your website needs in order to function without any hassles.

  1. Storage space promised by the plan

There are times when you may feel that you require a lot of space for your WordPress website. But bear in mind that not every WordPress website needs to have a lot of space to begin with. Which is why you need to draw a good content plan for the website. Before you go out and buy a WordPress plan with high storage space, draw a sitemap or a basic blueprint of your website. This will give you a clearer picture as to how many pages your website will be needing, based on which you can make a sound decision. Some decision makers buy a plan with slightly higher storage space for e.g- some who need 3-4 GB storage space go for a 15-20 GB space plan keeping in mind they will need that space. This is a good idea if the difference between the WordPress pricing plans is almost negligible but it is not always advisable.

  1. Bandwidth given

A major factor determining your WordPress plan is the bandwidth offered by the plan. Let us say, you have purchased a plan which has enough space but does not support the bandwidth for the same. In such cases, you will be in a fix switching to another plan or asking your hosting provider to ramp up the bandwidth which he may not be able to at will. As a thumb rule, buy a plan where your storage space is in direct proportion with the bandwidth. For eg. If you buy a plan with 5GB space your bandwidth should at least be more than or equal to 5GB, say 8-10GB of minimum bandwidth. This is good for the speed and efficiency of your website.

  1. Backup and security

Since websites are vulnerable to cyber threats and attacks, securing the data of your WordPress website as well as taking a backup of the same is of utmost essence. Ensure that you cover these two aspects are a part of the WordPress plan. WordPress websites guarantee backup with the help of plugins like CodeGuard. Since it takes backup on the cloud, the safety of your website is guaranteed. In addition to this, you can also secure the data of your website by protecting it against malware and viruses with the help of SiteLock. These addons or integrations will protect the data of your website from every possible angle. What’s great about these addons is that they are compatible with WordPress websites and can be availed in combined packages with WordPress plans. So, something worth considering while choosing a WordPress plan.

  1. Managed services and daily scanning

If you are getting business through your WordPress website, your focus should remain your business only and not handling the administration of your WordPress website. Hence, it becomes important that your WordPress plan includes managed services so that a hosting provider can take over and help you with security, updates, integrations and daily scanning of your website for safety purposes.

As we sign off

Do remember that other aspects like server uptime provided by the hosting service, database support of your choice, email accounts and tech support should also be taken into account. What matters in the end that the WordPress plan you choose must help you meet your business goal effectively and see to it that you not only stand out in the online space but offline within your business community. Someone that can help you choose and provide great WordPress hosting plans is Bluehost, a trusted brand name in the hosting industry.