5 Ways To Communicate With Your Web Design Company Remotely

The number of people working remotely reached a peak during the COVID-19 pandemic. However, some jobs, such as web design, have always featured remote working. Today, clients can interact with their web design company remotely in real-time using numerous SAAS released in recent years. Here are the top five picks for Webolutions web design company:

  1. Asana: Asana is another platform that allows remote workers to interact and collaborate on a project by offering tools and functionalities for communication, file retrieval, and storage, as well as progress tracking. Asana has a rich interface with flexible and fast design. Collaborators can track and manage their projects all in one place while streamlining communications with clients. The free plan is enough for simple projects, but more complex projects would benefit from the paid plans.
  2. Podio: Podio is a software organized for communication and work. It presents a portfolio of various tools on a flexible and customizable hub for creators to work. Podio can be scaled for any remote work purpose depending on the number of users at the time.
  3. Slack: Slack is arguably the most popular platform for graphics and web designers to instantly collaborate and share files. Although it is not a web design tool, designers such as Webolutions web design company use it as a platform to work on a project together while keeping track of each other’s progress. Features of slack include a customizable interface, audio and video call functions, integration with various office tools, and a plethora of built-in tools for users. The price is friendly, and collaborators can enjoy a free but limited version. It supports both PC and Mobile applications.
  4. Proofhub: Proofhub is an online project management software created to keep remote collaborations seamless. By merging Kanban and Gantt charts, Proofhub allows users to track the movement of tasks as well as visualize their roles in the overall project. It features discussion channels, audio and video calls through a chat app, and also file sharing. Pricing is friendly, and the basic version is free.
  5. Flock: Completing the list is Flock. Flock offers a basic plan that starts at $4.5 per user monthly. Features include group and one-on-one messaging, screen sharing, video and audio calls, as well as file sharing. Creators can meet at any time and find messages left by other team members before their arrival.

Webolutions web design company has remote clients and workers who are constantly in touch with the company through various platforms.