A look at different techniques of photo editing


In today’s digital world every one is familiar with the term photo editing especially professional photographers. It is an arguable topic whether photo editing ruins the photos or not. But, it is considered as one of the important tools for editing pictures to bring out its best look. Different techniques can be used for editing photos which you can see in this link https://photolemur.com.

List of photo editing techniques

  • Dodge and burn: Dodge and burn are used to shape the light. You can use dodge and burn in many ways that seem less destructive. You can easily use this technique by using a two curve adjustment layer one being set as brighter exposure while others to darker exposure. Later make use of layer mask to dodge and burn the areas that seem fit.
  • Frequency separation: This is one of the best techniques for smoothing the skin of the models. However, this technique should be used sparingly and in moderation. You can even use this technique for backdrops, sky, clothes, or any other element that needs to be evened.
  • Black & white layer to soft light: This technique is suitable for adding a sharp commercial look to the picture. You are required to open the picture in black & white layer and then change its blending to soft light mode.

Who takes up photo editing service?

Photo editing service is part and parcel of today’s business as well as the commercial world. You cannot ignore the impact of photo editing. Photo editing service is most commonly used by companies, online websites, digital media, etc. People also use photo editing services for wedding photography, special occasions, etc. Editing helps to make the image of the model as well as the product more attractive.

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