Add some sparks in your portfolio with fire photography

Fire photography is an exciting and dramatic genre in photography. But, it is also the most difficult genre of photography. It is very difficult to understand the lighting, darkness of background and brightness of flame in one frame. As difficult as it may be, it is an equally mesmerizing subject which has the ability to draw the attention of the viewer. Photographing fire includes candles, bonfire, matchsticks, fire breakouts, etc. Let your imagination guide you in capturing unique fire styles. Gather more information about fire photography through this site

Different styles of photographing fire

  • Photograph candle: It is one of the difficult forms of fire for photographing as they do not emit much light. Use more candles to create more fire. You can even emit a candle from the scene and only capture the light emitting through it.
  • Photograph fire twirlers: It is fun to capture the trails of fire as the move in the air. It adds drama and thrill to the picture. You can use a higher shutter speed to capture the motion of fire.
  • Photograph bonfire: Fire with high flames is easier to photograph as they illuminate their surrounding on their own leaving no room for the use of artificial light. Use high shutter speed to capture unusual shapes of the flames.

Safety tips while photographing fire

  • Photograph fire in a place having proper ventilation. If there is no ventilation, it can be dangerous as the smoke will fill the area which will affect your breathing.
  • Avoid clicking fire in place which can easily catch fire like kitchen, cloth, paper, etc.
  • Keep all the required things like water, fire extinguishers, etc. to put off the fire in case of a fire breakout.
  • Be well-organized. Hatch out a plan before starting the shoot. It will help you to avoid the chaos that can be fatal.