Alkaline Fuel Cell Power Is Developing Low-Cost Hydrogen Fuel Cell to Meet Growing Consumer Demand

Hydrogen as an alternative fuel can be used for residential applications using fuel cells, which are able to convert it into electricity with only heat and water as a by-product. However, technology like this that is currently available on the market is much too costly to be used for residential purposes. One company, Alkaline Fuel Cell Power, is determined to make hydrogen fuel cells available to the consumer market by using designs which provide lower material costs over other solutions currently available.

Hydrogen fuel cells like those designed by Alkaline Fuel Cell Power use alkaline fuel cell technology, which produces zero CO2 or other harmful emissions. The currently available zero emission technology is not enough to meet the market demand, and the high price point is not able to meet the increasing consumer demand. The price leading fuel cell manufacturing technology of Alkaline Fuel Cell Power hopes to achieve high volume production in order to meet the growing demand.

Hydrogen adoption is currently low, but there are high hopes for it in the future as clean energy has already become a major concern for Europe. Currently, Alkaline Fuel Cell Power is developing their first full 4kW system in a laboratory setting. In 2024 they plan for the fuel cells to become commercially available for consumers. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s designs use mostly common elements like nickel, graphite, and plastic to cut down on the end cost for the buyers.

Hydrogen fuel cells do not use combustion, are virtually silent, don’t vibrate and their only by-product is pure water. Alkaline Fuel Cell Power’s unique and competitive component design stands out from the competition and is tailored for the residential and small/medium sized power markets. It is estimated that Europe alone will spend €180-470 billion in investments in renewable hydrogen by 2050. By 2050 analysts estimate clean hydrogen could meet 24% of world energy demand and the annual sales for this greener energy source will be in the range of €630 billion.