Apple TV Video Not Available – Fixing The Issue From Its Core

Want to enjoy some entertainment after a tiring day at work? Coming back home, taking a hot shower and then turning your Apple TV to stream those favorite shows will be your definition of relaxing and chilling. But, when you start playing a video, you saw one major error, known as Apple TV Video Not Available. So, you are not able to view the videos no matter how much you are trying to restart the TV. What can be done during such instances? Following some of the major steps mentioned below might help you with the solution around here.

Have to reset the App:

The first and foremost thing to do is reinstall the app. It will help you to resolve most of the errors, maximum time. Whenever you are reinstalling the app, it will be updated to the latest version automatically and you can streamline the videos ever again. Maybe the app isn’t updated and that’s why it is showing an error. Upgrading will help in resolving the issue. With the updated functions, you will get more kick out of the app’s features for sure. Visit the “setting” sector and then open the software update. Select it and a message will appear. Now you have to select downloading option once reinstall. So, keep it connected to the Apple TV during the updating process.

Change the display setting of the device:

You can always change the display setting for that amazing result and to fix the error as well. It is highly beneficial for the Roku users and will cover up magical results for the Apple TV users as well. In some of the other devices, the intros and trailers will run at various resolutions than the actual videos around here. Some of the other solutions are incompatible with some of the devices. Change the keys for solving the issues temporarily.