Best Strategies for Growing More Targeted Instagram Followers

Growing more followers is much more than just a numbers game – they need to be targeted Instagram followers. Companies take advantage of the $6.48 billion worth of revenue Instagram generates each year by making real connections with the consumers on their page. While generating legitimate, targeted Instagram followers isn’t an easy thing to using the following strategies from a popular SEO Company in CT can definitely make it happen.

Focus on Intent

If you want more targeted Instagram followers, you’ll need engagement. To create engagement, you need to produce content that will inspire your audience to engage. Things to consider when it comes to user intent is why they’re on Instagram, what, according to their posts and comments, they care about or are interested in, etc. If they’re interested in entertainment, don’t post boring facts about your company.

Posting Consistently

When it comes to social media channels, Instagram has the highest level of interaction. Your targeted Instagram followers are waiting to connect with you, however, you need to provide them with something to respond to and regularly. People are looking for timeliness and consistency from brands that they follow. Also important to note is that Instagram’s algorithm considers its member’s presence on the app when deciding on where to rank users on the Explore page.

Engage with Followers

Regular engagement on Instagram (all social media platforms for that matter) will help grow your brand’s visibility. Take the time to comment on posts, “like” and reply to comments people make on yours, post consistently with engaging copy, and include searchable hashtags. Authentic engagement always helps grow targeted Instagram followers.


Finding other “influencers” in your niche and cross-promoting with them organically can produce impressive results. It doesn’t just present you with instant credibility, your new targeted Instagram followers will already be interested in what you have to say, thanks to the dynamics of how they stumbled on your page.

Leverage Macro-Influencers

Because macro influencers have a smaller Instagram following they’ll be more open to endorsing your brand by sharing their opinion or testing a product. Once you find macro-influencers who really believe in you, your product or service, they’ll inspire their followers and, in many cases, they will become devoted brand ambassadors.

Follow Best Practices

In order to generate authentic Instagram followers, you need to be authentic, meaning don’t get involved in any follower acquisition schemes. Take the time to come up with your own well thought out; compelling graphics and/or videos and use well researched hashtags. Reply quickly to comments and comment on other relevant profiles. Create Instagram stories and if you haven’t used them yet, start. To successfully use Instagram, you need to spend time working the process to get the rewards and give your target audience what they want which is high quality, relevant content. Organic growth on Instagram is similar to any other legitimate social media follower strategy in that it relies on great content. In the end, if you want to grow your targeted Instagram followers and get them to like, follow and engage with you, you need to deliver content that is appealing to them.

As with any social platform, brands that want to get the most out of Instagram need a substantial amount of targeted Instagram followers. More targeted followers mean more engagement, greater credibility and a powerful online presence. If you’re concerned about having time to manage Instagram growth on a regular basis and run a business at the same time, consider hiring a professional to do it for you.

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