Broadband Internet Speed Test

Speed ​​tests measure download speeds, upload speeds, and delays (also known as pings or jitters). To measure download speeds, a speed test chooses a server near your device’s location and downloads files using that server. It then measures the speed at which the file gets downloaded over some time to determine the download speed.

To run a test on the upload speed, the speed test runs the process for download test in reverse. It measures the speed at which the same file is uploaded to a nearby server.

To test the latency, that is, the time it takes for a computer to connect to a server and return a response, speed test measures the time it takes for the computer to get a response from that server.

Because the latency is measured several times, you can see the minimum, maximum, and average latency values in milliseconds (ms).

How Can Results of Speed Test Get Impaired?

Internet speed tests are not perfect. That’s because many things can affect the results of speed tests. This includes:

Multiple Devices Using a Single Connection

Having multiple devices such as computers and mobile phones that are all using an internet connection during the test, the results may end up being slower than expected. This is because there is limited bandwidth that can be shared over an internet connection.

However, what needs to be emphasized here is that use means actively transferring or downloading data. If your device is only connected to the internet and nothing happens, your connection will not slow down.

Bandwidth can be thought of as a corridor. If just a couple of people are walking at the same time, everyone will be able to walk at maximum speed. But as a greater number of people walk in the corridor simultaneously, everyone needs to move slowly to move around.

Your Device Uses WI-FI

The fastest speed can be obtained if the device can be connected with an Ethernet cable. This is called a “wired connection” and if you are looking for the fastest possible speed, it is usually a good idea to use this type of connection.

However, if you can’t connect your device with an Ethernet cable, it’s okay to use Wi-Fi. Keep in mind that different device types have different Wi-Fi settings. In other words, one device may give better results than others.

Your Rrouter Iis Nnot up to Ddate

If you want to use Wi-Fi or connect multiple devices to the Internet at the same time, you need a router. Also, if your router is out of date or you haven’t updated the firmware for a while,  your internet speed test results may be slow.

You Aare Uusing a VPN

Using a VPN can slow down your internet. This is because the VPN routes your Internet connection to one or more servers, adding a layer of security and privacy.

For the most accurate results from running internet speed tests, we recommend turning off VPN. Don’t forget to turn it back on when you’re done.

How much speed do you need?

Here in the United States, 25Mbps is considered by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to be “high speed” Internet. We don’t necessarily agree, but the internet speed you need depends on what you want to do online and how many people are using that connection.

If you have only one person using the Internet at home, here are some general Internet speed recommendations:

  • Video streaming: 25 Mbit / s and above. When streaming in 4K, 50 Mbps or more
  • Music streaming: 10Mbps or higher
  • Games: 25Mbps and above for most games. 50 Mbit / s or higher for First Person Shooter (FPS) and Player vs. Player (PVP) games
  • Work from home: 50 Mbps or more
  • Email and internet surfing: 5 Mbit / s

If there are multiple users of a single internet connection, it is advisable to buy a package that offers speeds that are a little bit higher than for the categories mentioned above.

Summing Up

When purchasing an internet package, it is important to figure out what speed you will be getting once you get a connection. You will probably need a fast connection to stream livewatch Internet TV. Check out MetroNet TV Channels to get the best selection of channels for all your entertainment needs. The TV service is powered via MetroNet’s 100% fiber-optic network. .

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