Canadian Cable Manufacturer and Distributor


Leader in Cable Manufacturing and Distributing

Sycor Technology has manufactured and distributed cables and wires that meet a variety of requirements from its home in Mississauga, Ontario, since that company was established in 1981. Its products are made in a 40,000-square foot facility before being sent to customers located across Canada as well as throughout the world. Its clientele includes but is not limited to those in the marine, broadcast, telecommunications and solar energy fields.

Mil-Spec Cables and Wires

Cables and wires that are made to meet demanding military needs are also manufactured and distributed by Sycor. In fact, this company has been a mil-spec cable manufacturer since its founding and regularly distributes those to military-focused organizations. These cables and wires are ready to be used in a variety of ways such as establishing a communications network in sub-zero temperatures and wiring a helicopter so that it can safely enter dangerous territory.

Oil and Gas Cables and Wires

The oil and gas industry also has specifications that need to be met prior to its cables and wires being shipped, and Sycor meets those as well. For example, these types of cables and wires are often placed in environments that are excessively hot, excessively cold or ones that force them to be immersed in dangerous chemicals.

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