What Kind of Cloud Desktop Service Daas You Can Now Opt for?

DaaS enables companies to implement a consistent “bring-your-own-device” strategy: Neither security configurations nor software installations limit the choice of notebook or PC. If hardware no longer has to be procured, this means significant cost savings for the company. Cloud Desktop Service also helps to save costs with software licenses: For employees who work from multiple devices, only a single virtual workstation has to be paid for. When DaaS is obtained from a cloud provider, companies benefit from on-demand licensing models, which also reduce costs.

Typical Use Cases for Daas

Desktop-as-a-Service is used in a variety of ways. Common use cases are:

Business continuity

The Corona crisis has made it clear to all of us how important business continuity strategies are. If the obligation to work from home is suddenly introduced, the company still has to continue to function seamlessly. This works particularly well with DaaS Service provider because the IT infrastructure is almost entirely in the Cloud Desktop and can be accessed from anywhere.

Time employees

Many companies are increasingly switching to temporary employees or freelancers because this increases their flexibility and reduces fixed costs. With DaaS Service provider, they can quickly provision Desktop to these temporary workers without having to buy and ship additional equipment. After the employment period has expired, the relevant DaaS subscription is simply terminated. An additional advantage: sensitive data remains in the Cloud Applikation. No employee can take the data with them after the end of the employment relationship.


Mergers and acquisitions often lead to major changes in the organization. With Desktop as a Service, company applications and data can be made accessible to new colleagues in an uncomplicated way without incurring high costs. Then there is the unlimited scalability of DaaS: Hundreds of desktops can be provided within a few hours.

Remote jobs

Certain roles, such as data entry jobs, are often designed for home work. Companies can use DaaS to ensure that all remote employees use a uniform desktop environment, which makes learning easier. DaaS also helps to protect sensitive company data because it is not downloaded to the local computer but remains on the DaaS server.

Project work

Certain tasks in the context of projects require increased computing power at short notice, such as video productions, big data or image analysis. Buying a workstation for this is not worthwhile because the project is limited in time and the computing power is hardly needed afterwards. With DaaS, the project team can obtain the required performance quickly and inexpensively.

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Evaluate your needs. All clouds have their advantages and disadvantages. The right solution is the one that best adapts to your business. There is no generalist solution that adapts to everyone. To find it, you can go to our free online comparator without obligation.

In short, it is a high-performance, confidential but demanding and time-consuming solution. As a result, recently created VSEs and SMEs may not have an interest in turning to this offer unless innovation and patent protection are at the heart of their economic model.

How to Choose an Infrastructure for Your Virtualized Workstation?

However, this simple question hides a complex challenge because each organization expects a different answer. It is important to manage each deployment individually because even the best advice will only cover 60-70% of specific needs. The first step is to clearly define the needs of the business.

Define operational needs

If you are considering adopting a DaaS solution, start by assessing your operational needs. It is not an easy task, but essential to prevent possible problems.

You need to start by assessing what is driving this change. Typically, companies choose DaaS for reasons of cost, security, mobile support, or collaboration. For example, a company may seek to reduce the costs of operational equipment by outsourcing the integration of technologies.

Others opt for a scalable solution (with predictable costs) for easy and fast staff turnover. For companies focused on compliance, data protection can also drive DaaS deployment. Another benefit is that the DaaS infrastructure fosters collaboration by offering employees the ability to work together without specific hardware limitations. In addition, it allows cooperation between different teams spread around the world. The successful deployment of a DaaS infrastructure represents a sum of advantages that transforms the operational framework.

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