Colonial Pipeline Shells In Extortion Payout For $5M

The news reports revealed that Colonial Pipeline had paid DardSide, the cyber attackers’ lump sum money, for a decryption key. The largest US operator, Colonial Pipeline Co., has spent $5 million to threaten actors behind the ransom attack. It has sent information saying the price of fuel spiking up and down on the East Coast. Some sources had told Bloomberg that the higher professionals of the fuel pipeline had paid a ransom in which they demanded the decryption key. It will allow the firm to set up the computer network, which has been disabled after the attack.

After five days, the firm started functioning again, which was closed due to a ransomware attack. It is said that the organization was not interested in paying the ransom. But, they had to do so as the company could not trace the cryptocurrency after a few hours of the attack. It also emphasized the pressure faced due to jet fuel gasoline by the Georgia-based operator. It flows to all the major cities alongside the Eastern Seaboard, as revealed by Bloomberg reporters Michael Riley, William Turton, and Jennifer Jacobs.

Increase in ransomware as attackers hunt for big-games

As per Check Point Software, the stats revealed a surge of 102% compared to the start of 2020 in the attacks. As per Kaspersky, it has been found that several high profile ransomware groups have been formed in different parts of the world. It also shed some light on the ransomware playbook. Also, you can avail the book by downloading it online to have some updated information on the growing attacks.

Protect your organization from being attacked

If criminals can establish some reputability, asking for some ransom is more likeable. It ensures that the process to store the encryption folders will never be asked for, as revealed by Dmitry Galov, a Kaspersky researcher. According to reports, DarkSide, the cybercriminal gang, has different campaigns across the world to target companies. Before it attacks your organization, you must have a VPN.

Opt for a VPN

A VPN can help in securing your entire organization and protects your privacy. It increases the trouble for hackers who are unable to find your details. Personvernpanettet is a VPN solution provider and has several subscriptions at a low budget. You can visit their website, browse through the plan, and decide which one will be the best for you.