Different types of VPNs for Internet Safety

Safety and security are two important aspects of the modern world. This fact is even more relevant for the cyber world that is associated with the Internet. As the internet continues to expand its territory of operations and is engulfing all the major formats of working, it is becoming a level playing field of crimes as well. These are actions like theft of personal data, hacking, blocking financial transactions, and many others. This is why it is required that the users secure themselves and their devices with thebestvpn service available to them. This helps in securing the gateway of connection between the devices and the serving network. Here are the different types of VPNs.

VPN for Remote Access

As the name suggests, this is a type of VPN service that allows a user to connect to any of the private networks and makes them able to access all the available services and contents on a remote basis. The connection is indeed based on the internet and is kept secure as well as private. Remote VPN is pretty much used by both individuals as well as commercial users like businesses and organizations. It allows for employees to work safely while they are not in the vicinity of their offices.

Site To Site

This one is also referred to as a router-to-router service of a VPN. Such a VPN service is a common arrangement in larger companies that have branches spread across different locations, across a country, or the globe. This VPN service allows the connection of one of the office networks to that of the other branch’s office network. There are two arrangements in this type of VPN service, one is Intranet based and the other one is Extranet based. While the intranet Is used for connection within different branches of the same company, the extranet is used for connecting to the branches of different companies securely.

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