How Hackers Get Access To Your Computer Systems?

Individuals today are trying their best to create networks to communicate with people, work with one another and share information online. But a section of not-so-good aspirants looks for ways to hack your network by getting access to your system. They are known as cyber terrorists and search for credit or debit card information, steal secrets, obtain passwords, create enough traffic leading to which a site has to close down, etc.

Criminals are always in search of ways to steal data or disrupt the business model. Here is a small description of what you should understand when a hacker hacks your website.

Hackers are villains

Some of them think that they are cool, but they are not. The Internet Technology professionals spending a huge amount of money creating the government network or business would disagree with this. Hackers can never be categorized as heroes as they are stealing information to serve their purpose. Three types of cyber terrorists are there:

  • When young children are having fun, are vandals on the internet? They are named script kiddies and are not looking for fun activities. They are here to mess with the network and websites, leading to hacking.
  • Recreational users are savvy computer hackers intruding networks when they think they have a reason to do so. It can be like they have a grudge against a company or website, disrupting or hacking the site.
  • When professionals understand how hacking takes place, they use their skills to break people’s banking accounts to get money. They find this activity to be fun.

Stealing passwords to access your system

To crack the system, stealing the password is the first thing a hacker will try to do. That’s why you will come across so many resources saying you should change your password. A few key terms that you can hear when hackers communicate are:

Butter outflow: It is an attack method where criminals deliver malicious activities by “overrunning an application buffer.”

Back door: It is a secret pathway being used by hackers to gain access to your device.


A Virtual Private Network, like weneedprivacy, is a plan you can opt for. When you use a VPN, it changes the IP address so hackers cannot trace your details. They do not understand what you were doing till this time online. In a way, it safeguards your privacy and security.