How To Choose The Right Speed Bump For Private Roads?

The speed bump is a road and parking development device essential for the safety and protection of users of public and private roads.

For all communities and companies wishing to develop a road or parking lot, it is necessary to choose which model of retarder is best suited. For this, many factors will influence the choice of retarder.

An Establishment And A Common Objective For All

Therefore, all speed bumps for private roads are only reserved for use on private roads, as they do not comply with the standards and regulations for speed bumps dedicated to public roads. They are intended to be installed in private car parks for public or private use, in particular at the entrance:

  • hospitals
  • residences
  • campsites
  • shopping centers
  • petrol stations
  • hotels
  • universities
  • industrial areas
  • other private establishments and areas

Choosing to install road speed bumps on private roads means ensuring the safety and protection of all individuals traveling in the private area by regulating road traffic. Accompanied by other road and parking development equipment as well as road signs or even markings on the ground, these speed bumps are the ideal way to slow down traffic speed and guarantee a balanced distribution of the developed area.

Each Speed Bump For Private Roads Has Its Particularities

Choose The Modular Speed Bump Type Retarder

Speed ​​bumps such as speed bumps Detroit are modular. They consist of several parts that can be assembled thanks to an integrated linking system for a simple and efficient assembly. It is thus possible to assemble as many pieces as necessary to achieve the ideal width according to the desired display on the roadway.

The modular speed bumps are available in two models with different dimensions. The 5-centimeter-high speed reducer reduces traffic speed to 20 km/h. It, therefore, measures 5 centimeters in height and 35 centimeters in length. Each centerpiece is 50 centimeters wide, while the pieces at both ends of the speed bump are 25 centimeters wide.

The 7-centimeter height retarder is more effective in reducing traffic speed since it can be reduced to 10 km/h. It also measures 40 centimeters in length. Like the 5-centimeter-high speed bumps, each centerpiece is 50 centimeters wide, and the two end pieces are 25 centimeters wide. Each central piece of the 5 cm or 7 cm modular speed bump has 4 cat’s eye type reflectors.