How to Download Mobile Phone Applications

Do you have a mobile phone? Sure you have. Do you use mobile applications on your mobile phone? Well, most people do not know how to use applications on their mobile phones.

Some even don’t know that their regular phone can run practical and every day use applications that can help them calculating discount on a sale or calculating the tip in the restaurant. There are more than 1000000 applications available for regular phones out there waiting for you all.

You do not need to have a smartphone or an expensive phone with touchscreen and 3Mpixel camera. You can run application on your regular phone.

Well, it’s time we should learn how to download and run cool applications to our phones.

It is not important what is the type of your phone, the only important rule for finding out if you can download applications is to try doing it. If you can not do it on your phone – this is your answer.

But how should you check it?

There are few ways to download application to your phone, here 2 of them:

1. USB/Bluetooth
2. direct web access.

It’s very easy, just read and try it your self.

1. USB/Bluetooth – to download application to your phone through USB/Bluetooth you must first get the application file. Once you get the application and downloaded it to your PC, use the instructions in the website where you downloaded the application from.

Here we will show how to install the application on NOKIA, Sony Ericsson phones:

NOKIA users – Installing and running applications

Go to NOKIA website. On NOKIA website you need to download the “PC suite”. How? On NOKIA website: choose your country, and click on “Service and software” menu,now click on “software”, choose your phone and download the “NOKIA PC suite” software. If you are having trouble finding the NOKIA PC suite, just type “NOKIA PC suite” on the search box in NOKIA website. Install the software on your PC (this software synchronise your phone to your PC).

Connect your phone to your PC with the USB cable that you get when you bought your phone; look on the screen of the phone, you will be asked to connect on Nokia mode/media mode. Choose the Nokia mode.

Run the NOKIA PC suite software that you just install on your PC. Wait few second until the software synchronise with your phone. On the NOKIA PC suite, click on “install applications” button. Select the free sample application (clock_learn.html) from your directory on your PC and transfer it to the phone by clicking the arrow in the center of this window. Wait until transfer is completed to your phone. All you need to do now is running the application on your phone: Go to “Applications” on your NOKIA phone. Go to “Collection”, the application is waiting for you there. Choose the application that you want to run and enjoy.