HPE Proliant DL20 Gen9 Server – A Smart and Intelligent Buy – Offers High Performance and Efficiency


HPE Proliant DL20 Gen9 is a computer server which supports Intel, Xeon E3-1200v6 and 2400 MHz UDIMM. It is a completely functional server built with ClearOS and is considered to be docker ready. Servers are generally used to store and retrieve information. The number of computers connected to a network can make use of the server in order to store information. The information stored in the server is accessible to all the computers on the network. The servers should be able to handle high workloads and provide high performance. The HPE Proliant Dl20 Gen9 server is made using all the latest technologies and is highly suitable for business needs. This server has a lot of features and functionalities. The NVIDIA M2000 GPU is also installed in order to handle graphics related workload with ease.


The HPE Proliant Dl20 Gen9 server is designed by incorporating a number of features which are necessary and suitable for all kinds of workloads and other necessary business requirements. This server has gained a lot of recognition within a few years of its launch. This server is recognized as a Smart Buy, Top Value, and Intelligent Buy. Some of the key features of this server are listed below

  • This server is suitable to handle heavy workloads as all the required processors are installed.
  • This server is manageable, reliable, expandable, and offers high performance. It contains the right blend of all these qualities
  • This server has the capability of working even during power failures. Thus, it provides full protection to your data.
  • This server keeps working, and the data is easily accessible.
  • It has a lot of tools and methods to troubleshoot the server and is easily manageable.
  • The HPE online website provides customer support and service 24/7. 
  • This server supports Flex Lom, which is considered to have a lot of network capability as it can transfer the data at a fast rate.
  • This server also has dual-core and quad-core processors.
  • It is a certified power-saving server as it consumes 29% less power when compared to the previous generation servers.
  • This server is suitable for all kinds of environments and can handle a heavy workload easily.

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