Internet Freezes – How to Fix Internet Freeze in Your Computer

Billions of people use internet for surfing, downloading, education, work or business. With the spread of the WWW and Internet, number of substitute web browsers has increased. One chooses a web browser based on his likes or dislikes and level of expertise. Various features of the browsers like advertisements, brand personality, changes in appearance and the overall security measures compel the user to try it and be a continued user.

Internet freezing problem is one of the frustrating problems that we daily suffer. I am going to discuss the tricks that stop your browser from freezing.


1. Clear the Browser Cache and the History
2. Reset the default settings
3. Fix and Defrag the Registry
4. Disable Unnecessary Toolbars and Extensions
5. Disable Unnecessary Extensions
6. Disable Loading the Images

Clear the Web Browser Cache and the History

Web browser cache stores the copies of the websites that you most frequently visit. This helps in retrieving their contents very fast and thus speeding down the process. But, when the browser contents are corrupted, like bad files are stored, your internet freezes. So, you should delete the contents of your browser cache and the history as well.

1. Download system cleaner software.
2. Click Clean button to start the process for the browsers that the software supports.

Reset your Internet Browser

Resetting your web browser sets the default settings, improves web browser performance and prevents the internet freezes problem.

1. Open Internet Explorer.
2. Click Tools | Internet Options.
3. Click Advanced tab.
4. Click Reset button at the bottom of the dialog.
5. Mark the box Delete personal settings, and click Reset button again.

Fix and Defrag the Registry

Your internet freezes if the registry entries of your web browser have misleading or incorrect information. Fixing these problems manually is not possible until you are an expert in computer software engineering field. So, my recommendation is to use a registry fix up program and do this process.

If you haven’t defragmented the registry in this week, then defragment it. Registry fragmentation slows down your web browsers and freezes it due to slow down in the procedure of retrieving and storing the information in the registry.