Is Your Smartphone Security Prone?


In the last ten years, private and public sector organizations have increased the usage of smartphones. Nowadays, it is everywhere, and without using a smartphone, it has become difficult to even carry out a single task. The benefit is quick communication, while the demerit is stealing the data and susceptibility to criminals.

How it all started?

The CNBC report has revealed that the emergence of cloud and mobile technology and the Internet of Things has elevated the importance of risk management and security. In specific areas, smartphones are riskier, like coffee shops, hotels, cars, airports, trains, etc. Additionally, if your system is not secured, the Wi-Fi connection can be at potential risk.

Poor configuration

If your smartphone has poor configuration, then you have actually given the attacker to steal your details, user password and identification, geolocation data, mobile applications recording PII, etc. Poor configuration smartphones also lead to security breaches. It becomes easy for an attacker to attack a system with no or little classified data. Unimportant forms of data are also being used by hackers to attract crucial information from you.

Mitigating risks

Some risks that smartphone users must always keep in mind are listed by the “European Union Agency for Network and Information Security (ENISA).” They are:

  • Phishing, surveillance, and spyware attacks
  • Unintentionally disclosing details
  • Stealing of data after you have lost your phone
  • Diallerware, financial network spoofing, and other kinds of attacks

Ways to protect your data

Here are a few ways following that you can protect your data. Take a look!

  • Using a VPN

You can increase your security using a VPN as all the information you submit through the network is encrypted. As a result, there is no way criminals can access your system. Also, the IP address changes so they cannot find your details of what you are doing online. It is a perfect way to safeguard your system from being hacked which is reiterated by Dutch VPN firm debestevpn here.

  • Deactivating phone features showing messages while locked

If there is any feature showing the message when the system is locked, you should deactivate it. It’s because hackers can collect information from there as well.

  • Activating an automatic lock system

By changing the settings and activating an automatic lock system, you can protect your system. It means your phone will be locked when you are not using it anymore.

Thus, by following the steps, you can increase the security of your smartphone. Remember, your phone can be a prime source to reveal crucial data.

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