Nardo Wick Who Want Smoke Lyrics



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nardo wick who want smoke lyrics

What is Nardo Wick’s “who want smoke?

“Who Want Smoke?” is the breakout track by Jacksonville native, Nardo Wick. Throughout the track, Nardo raps about various weapons, murder, and his encounters with police.

Who is the song who want smoke by AZ?

Nardo Wick - Who Want Smoke? Lyrics | "Who Want Smoke?" lyrics "Who Want Smoke?" Who want smoke with me?

Who is the writer of the song Nardo Wick?

Writer (s): Herbert Randall Wright, She'yaa Bin Abraham-joseph, Durk D Banks, Mark Lapple Onokey, Carlos Pfersdorf, Horace Bernard Walls Iii album: "Who Is Nardo Wick?" (2021) Who Want Smoke?? (Remix) Baby Wyd? BigWalkDog - "Trap God" (Honorable C.N.O.T.E.)

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