Need To Know About Different Kinds of Currencies in Hay Day

In the digital era, you can live a farming life with the Hay day game. It is an incredible way to enjoy the village lifestyle. The game is only for casual lovers, and it is created by Supercell. The user can play in on both android and IOS mobiles or tablets. A huge number of online players are connected with it, and we can also download it by Google store or official game website. It is free to play, but for more enjoyment, we need to spend some amount of real money. The gameplay is very simple for everyone because in which we can see only farming tasks and grow multiple crops for selling.

The players should know about the importance of currency in the game, and you must grab a big amount of currency for unlocking several new things. Anyone can visit The Hay day hack tool, and this hack is a quick way to earn a handsome amount of currency. In this guide, we are talking about different kinds of currencies.

Everything about the currency:

The game comes with various currencies like Coins, diamonds, vouchers, gift cards, and tokens. All are specially for leveling up, and you collect them by completing several tasks. Before going to any step, we get full detail about all types of currency. 


Coins are a prime currency in the game, and it is used for buying some farming items, shops and many more. You have to spend time in mine for extracting a big amount of currency. Take some help with truck and town orders to make the right amount of currency. Most of the players are going to purchase currency with real money in-app store.  


Diamonds are also another currency for getting some decorating items. And it also enhances our speed in the game. You will get some missing things to unlock some new items, and the diamonds are not used on such kinds of tasks. Anyone can earn diamonds for several achievements. One mystery box is also for getting a big amount of currency.


Some kinds of vouchers are for purchasing some pets, customizations, and many more things. You will get vouchers by completing orders on time. The player can also join some events to manage a free amount of currency.

Gift cards 

The individual can get gift cards by sporting other players, and we need to reach on a higher level to earn it. We can purchase many mystery packages with such kinds of gift cards. Store some cards to make more currency.


The gamers need tokens to shop in the valley shop, and we can explore more in the gameplay. On regular time some free bonus is available, so you must grab it. Many radical players are getting help with The Hay day hack tool. The hack has no many instructions to get free currency. We can spend currency on other things in the gameplay.