Predictive, Prescriptive, And X Analytics Are On The Rise

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You can already see the rise of prescriptive and predictive analysis these days, and 22020 has been an explosive year for these two trends. As you continue to deal with the crisis of this COVID pandemic, the next trending wave for the big data analytics will be focusing on helping out those companies to avoid some of the future led crises. That’s why you can end up expecting platforms that will assess economic conditions, risks, climate trends and even some of the model different responses to help the events to grow over some of the next couple of years. It will be due to the hike in the field of X analytics.

More about this analytical term:

X analytics is stated to be yet another Gartner term. Here, the X will represent the variable data, which can either be structured or unstructured. Some of the examples you can get in this zone are video analytics, audio analytics and text analytics, to name a few. You can combine the same with the AI enabled analytical tool and data or graphs visualization. Learn more about it from Tech Blog. It will actually lead you towards the motive of X analytics, which will play one major role in planning out for the future crises after predicting them, right from the diseases to any of the natural disasters coming your way.

What can it be used for:

Going through some of the examples will help you realize how you can use AI for the future crisis handling. AI can easily be used for scouring new social posts, articles, medical research and some of the other sources, which in turn, will help out the public health officials to predict how any disease might spread out. Some of the tools with the prescriptive component can offer instrumental whenever it is putting insights as sourced from X analytics to the final action.