The Benefits of 3D Configurator Software for Ecommerce

Picture of products on marketplaces and other sites is what the consumer sees first. Therefore, we can say that this is the first frontier of competition for a potential buyer. In some industries, photography is simply unable to solve its problems; this applies to large goods and the production of expensive segments, such as furniture. With Expivi’s 3D product configurator, you can order the 3d visualization of goods that visually justify any cost of your products.

Configurator Benefits

Expivi’s Product configurator will make your product stand out from the mass of competitors. The possibilities of 3D graphics are limited only by the ideas of its creators; in addition to the classic images on white or transparent backgrounds, you can prepare unique graphics of any complexity, which visually show the best qualities of your product.

Cost and Timing

The cost and timing of 3d visualization development are calculated individually. It depends on the complexity of the shape of the modeled objects and the resolution of the final images.

Improvement of Appearance

The photo does not leave the possibility of making alternations to your product. For example, when using 3d visualization, Icon Marketplace made adjustments to make their products look perfect in any form and appearance.

Flexible Edits

Making edits in the case of a photo is very limited. If one does not like some reflection, glare, or even composition, one will need to reshoot the entire material. Ordering a 3D rendering Icon Marketplace can make any changes in the design stage.

Extensive Opportunities in Post-processing

3D visualization offers ample opportunities for post-processing: the PSD file will be layered with masks on the text and all the individual elements of the product, as well as layers to correct light, reflexes, and shadow strength.

Any Compositions

3D visualization provides excellent opportunities for image and video development, allowing you to create any compositions and stories for the Icon Marketplace product, which would be either too expensive or even impossible to recreate on photos.

Any Resolution

If you need a higher resolution for the same image, say, a banner for outdoor advertising, you will need reshooting, and the same picture will not be. However, Expivi‘s 3D product customizer will always prepare files of any resolution.

Binding to the Photo

In the case of a picture, this may require actors, an on-site photographer, and a complex composition organization. Expivis will only need images that Icon Marketplace wanted to see their product in, and it prepared 3D renderings as if the Icon Marketplace product was initially present on them.

360° Goods for the Site 

360° content for websites never ceases to grow in popularity. Expivis can prepare a 3D rendering of a 360° product sequence and a direct model with customized materials. Then, the icon Marketplace only needs to place the appropriate code on your page.

Expivis Creates the Perfect Product Image

The product’s image is essential because it is not a secret that the first thing a potential customer pays attention to is the visual image of the product. The perfect look is the key to successful sales. Order 3D visualization of cosmetics, clothing, accessories, and other products for advertising or your online store.