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Since the inception of the internet, some decades ago, the world population has become heavily dependent on it. And now, with the new net neutrality debate coming to the fire and the world population having access to the internet, it is evident that the internet is seeing a population boom on its end. Now, as in real life where organizations keep records of the foot traffic of its citizen, it only fares that the same is done on the internet. Internet traffic monitoring is also one of the most important aspects of current times. There are many software and programs that are generally being developed in this regard as well. One of the most prominent ones in this regard is surely is Google analytics and Google tag manager.

How Google analytic and tag managers work for the websites?

Google Analytics is the most basic form of internet foot traffic managing tool. It only counts how many people visited a particular website or online platform. On the other hand, the Google tag manager is an accessory program for google analytics. GTM, as it is known to many, helps you add many codes to your Google analytics software. This further helps in getting market analysis done on a particular website or platform by data analysts. GTM installation (ติด GTM, which is the term in Thai) is, however, a very hectic job and needs professional supervision. Thus it is better to get help from a freelancer in this regard. In this way, you will get the job in no time. That, too, in your budget with perfection and dedication. Also, with freelancers, you can get help in the market analysis as well as most of them are part of the market itself.

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