The “Find My” Network On Apple Exploited Through Bluetooth

The feature “Find My Device” on MacOS and IOS devices used by Apple users can be exploited to collect random devices. To start doing so, there is no need for an internet connection also. A security researcher, Fabian Bräunlein also stated that he had developed a proof of concept with Positive Security using a custom MacOS and microcontroller app. It can broadcast details from one system to another using Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). After that, when you connect to the internet, the data can be then transferred to “the attacker-controlled Apple iCloud server.”

The method was named “Send My” by Bräunlein and different cases were put forward for it. It contains the way of depleting the mobile data of people over time or building the network for the IoT. Apple couldn’t prevent the usage of the Find My feature like this.

The working procedure

Bräunlein inspired the release of Apple AirTags, and it is an item tracker. It is attached to a keychain or backpack, which permits the device to be found within the range of Bluetooth with the Find My service. It is done to see if there is any possibility of sending arbitrary data this way.

The researcher borrowed previous information from a team of experts at the “Technical University of Darmstadt in Germany” as they researched it. They have already “reverse-engineered Apple’s Find My network” in creating a tool known as OpenHaystack. It lets people create their tools, which can be accessed from the locator service. Additionally, they also found several flaws within the device, leading to exposure of user identities.

When it is used over Bluetooth, the “Find My” feature on Apple crowdsources the ability to get more items and devices communicating among them through location beacons. As a result, the device owner starts receiving reports enrolled on “iOS/MacOS Find My app” or “Apple’s iCloud-based Find My iPhone.”


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