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who is naruto's sister

Does Naruto have any siblings?

Unfortunately, Naruto doesn’t have any true siblings because his parents died too early to give him brothers and sisters. However, he ended up forming friendships with people that he soon began to treat as his brothers and sisters because of the bond that they share and the things they’ve been through.

Is Menma Naruto’s brother?

Menma’s existence is what led some viewers to assume that Naruto (who is a tad overpowered) had a brother, but in reality, he’s more a mirror world version of Naruto rather than a sibling. At the end of the day, however, Naruto is in fact an only child and has no brother (or a sister either).

Is Minako Naruto's sister?

Minako is the twin sister of Naruto, she's a lot calmer and seems to be the only one who can put up with Naruto without getting annoyed. Minako tries her best to keep Na... Hi, well this is just a thought I had in my head, hope you like it! I will go ahead and say this is not a 'Sasuke bumped into me and we made out' fan-fiction. There is a...

What happens when Naruto's older sister comes back to Konoha?

When Naruto's older sister comes back to Konoha 12 years after the third shinobi war, Kakashi's world is about to change. The sweet but deep lovestory that Kakashi dese... Uzumaki Naruko was a twin sister of Uzumaki Naruto. The war had already ended up winning by Naruto, Sasuke, Naruko, Sakura and Kakashi. Naruto had already married with H...

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