Why you should not avoid email marketing if you want to grow fast


Digital marketing consists of many different unique elements. All those different elements are equally important but most people pay attention to only two or three of them. Even several digital marketing experts and companies focus mainly on providing SEO services[seo รับ ทำ, which is the term in Thai], SMM services and SEM services. They do not work on other elements and always wonder why they are not getting any more conversions. They keep making strategies for CRO (conversion rate optimization) but they keep focusing on just those two three elements.

What is another cool element of digital marketing?

One thing that most people overlook is the importance of email marketing in the digital era. Most of the bloggers and marketers keep working on the SEO, SMM and SEM. But email marketing is a very powerful tool and would definitely increase your conversion rate if used correctly.

How to do email marketing

The first thing that you need for email marketing is people’s email addresses. You can post an advertisement on Social media platforms and search engines. If people click they would get redirected to a landing page where they are to insert their details like name and email to claim the offer you are giving them. This way you will get their email address with their consent. You can also add a pop-up window on your website when people visit you. You can offer them any reward there as well if they give you their email addresses.

Next step

Once you get their email addresses, you must be very careful with them. Do not spam them or they would unsubscribe or might block you. Make sure you are only sending emails to the people who have given their details willingly. And most importantly, do send them relevant emails with information or something of value. Once in every three or four emails, do send a sales pitch.

This is how you can increase your conversions.

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