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wpc 15.com

What are the specs of the wpc15?

WPC15Motherboard 3.5” Fanless SBC w/Intel Atom D2550 1.86GHz Processor, VGA, LVDS, Dual Giga Ethernet, and Mini-PCIe Interface. USER MANUAL Version 1.0 WETIF Industrie EDV Telefon DE +49 8142 448976-0 Senserstraße 3 Telefon AT +43 664 28 68 223 D - 82140 Olching info@wetif.com www.wetif.com

Why attend wpc2022?

Our ambition is that WPC2022 brings a major contribution to these challenges for the benefit of the world population. Our ambition is to prepare an affordable congress to attract a large number of participants from all over the world.

What can you expect from a WPC?

As usual for a WPC, the program will include an exhibition for companies within the Congress Centre and we will offer a Youth program as well as a Young Scientist program. We will plan the scientific program to make it highly interactive and interdisciplinary. Finally, you can expect an attractive social program and excellent food.

How to attend the 26th WPC in Paris?

In order to attend a given webinar, you need to connect to your personal space and select the webinar you wish to attend. The French branch of WPSA has the great pleasure to invite you for the 26th WPC in Paris. After WPC2016 in Beijing, we are now preparing to welcome you all in Paris for WPC2022.

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