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wpc16 images

What is the WPC-s CPU?

The WPC-S CPU is the second generation of WPC CPU board. The designer switched to a remote battery holder, located on a daughter board that clips to posts on the lower half of the board. This approach mostly eliminated the PCB damage caused by battery leakage.

What are the control signals for the WPC feature lamps?

WPC feature lamps are controlled from the WPC MPU and ultimately enabled via the driver board. The control signals are as follows. The 68B09EP places a data bit pattern on the data bus. This represents the lamp column to be strobed.

Do wpc-89 ROMs work on the WPC s?

A few prototype games used a WPC-S MPU, which uses a different ROM in order to work with the WPC-S security PIC. The standard ROM for WPC-89 boards will not work on the WPC-S board, but a WPC-89 MPU can be swapped in to replace the WPC-S MPU.

What is the power configuration for the WPC transformer power configuration?

9 Pin WPC Transformer Power Configuration, configured for 230V systems. Jumper settings for 230V should be as follows: Pin 1 - black - 230v "hot" input Pin 7 - white - 230v "neutral" input Pins 3 and 9 jumped together

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