4 Reasons Why Electronic Visit Verification Is A Game Changer For Home Care Agencies

The healthcare industry is more regulated than ever and a big part of that is due to electronic visit verification. Electronic visit verification provides healthcare facilities with the opportunity to improve patient safety, reduce errors and make it easier for physicians to provide more quality care. Here are four reasons why electronic visit verification software (EVV) is a game changer for home care agencies.

Ensures that caregivers provide care when they say they will

EVV software is a  system that helps agencies ensure that caregivers are caring for patients when they say they are. EVV monitors the availability of each caregiver during visits and alerts administrators if there are any issues.

When you consider all the benefits of electronic visit verification, it’s easy to see why EVV has been so popular among agencies:

  • It helps agencies ensure that caregivers are caring for patients when they say they are.
  • The lack of paper records means administrative tasks become easier and more efficient.

It helps prevent fraud and abuse in the home care industry

Electronic visit verification is a game-changer for the home care industry. Fraud and abuse are a huge problem, with billions of dollars lost each year to fraud. Electronic visit verification helps prevent fraud and abuse by ensuring that caregivers are caring for patients. It flags suspicious activity, so you can take action quickly if you suspect a caregiver is trying to steal from your organization, provide subpar care, or leave a client’s location before their shift is over.

Stays up to date with evolving regulations

While many of the reasons for implementing electronic visit verification are obvious, one that might not come to mind is how it can help your agency stay up to date with evolving regulations. The healthcare industry has a reputation for being slow to change, but the truth is that it’s changing rapidly right now. With changes such as increasing pressure on hospitals and doctors’ offices to decrease wait times, more efficient treatment plans and faster turnaround times for patient care are being demanded by patients everywhere.

Remain compliant with new mandates

One of the biggest challenges facing home care agencies is keeping up with new mandates. In just the past few years, several new regulations have been passed, setting standards for how physicians should be paid and how they must maintain records. These changes create challenges for providers – but electronic visit verification can help you meet these requirements and stay compliant.

When it comes to electronic visit verification, you’ll want to make sure that your provider network includes only those who are certified by their state’s medical board. This helps ensure that all of your physicians are licensed and qualified professionals who will provide quality care to your patients.


The healthcare industry is going through a lot of changes, and electronic visit verification is one way to keep up with those changes. With the ability to track patients and caregivers through your smartphone or tablet, it’s never been easier for home care agencies to stay on top of their paperwork.