Different Ways To Eliminate Personal Data From Google

Whether you wish to, believe it or not, your life has become an open book. The main reason behind this is if everything is on Google. From your address, name, phone number, birthdate, everything can be found. It can exactly tell your last search as every detail is posted on Google for everyone to see. If you have used an app like Spotify, Uber, etc., it collects information from there also.

Do you know how it starts?

This all began as Google can track all your data from each site, every key you press, every product you are buying, etc. It also collects data about you from the social media platforms that you use. They are aware of every single conversation taking place on any platform. They collect information on the videos you watched, how much time you were online, etc.

Why does Google collect all information?

All these things are available with them because of the business model they follow. Here are a few things that you must know about. Do not think that they are doing this as they are bad people. No, it’s not. Google is making money by collecting data from people across the world. They share by selling it to the search sites, indicating data about you is available over the internet.

What happens when you register?

Whenever you register on any social media portal, the tiny bots of Google are crawling to collect data. If you have signed up on any discussion group or forum, Google has your details. Therefore, it won’t be wrong to say nothing is private until you decide not to use any social media site or unplug from the internet.

Is it necessary to be concerned?

Google has all your information, and it can give to others as well. With that, anyone can search your name and find all the data and can have the details. It is known as privacy which gets breached when others are accessing the data. Also, you don’t know who is searching for you, and if it is a hacker, you can be in big trouble.

Opt for a VPN

A virtual private network is the first step of defense and is an important parameter when using a private Wi-Fi connection. At that point, you are more susceptible to being a victim of attackers. Hence, try to take the necessary steps to safeguard your system. For more information check out bestvpn!