How to Use Videos to Increase Instagram Engagement

Social media has grown to be a crucial component of a successful marketing plan in the digital age. Brands have several options to exhibit their products on social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others. These platforms let you interact directly with a bigger audience all at once and are free to use. The cost of developing a marketing plan that uses social media videos is not very high.

Brevity of commercial

Produce succinct, insightful videos that showcase your business. Through these films, you may artistically present your goods. The advertisement may be humorous, heartwarming, or inspirational. You may presently share a 60 second video on your timeline on Instagram. It is simple to capture the target audience’s interest with such brief movies. Additionally, brief movies work best for conveying concise information about your items.

Product information

Display the features of your product or a video of it being used to show off its power. To keep viewers interested, simply highlight crucial elements. Keep the video less descriptive and more educational. Making a sophisticated and seductive video requires careful attention to detail.

Videos showing how-tos

Making instructive material is a productive approach to use Instagram videos. DIY or “how to” movies demonstrate the functionality of your items. This aids people in comprehending how to utilise the product. You may also make videos for fixing any issues your customers could have. The target audience prefers direct videos because they receive pertinent information quickly.

In August 2016, Instagram introduced Insta stories. For a period of 24 hours, you may post films or photographs with your followers using tales. People prefer to perceive the tales as they see one active because of the limited time frame’s sense of urgency. Following are some ways you may utilise tales to market your company:

On Instagram now

The ability to stream live video on Instagram is its finest feature. Once you go live on Instagram, your followers’ feeds feature you prominently. There is a great likelihood that your followers will interact with your live broadcast as a result.

Invite the creators

Introduce the people who worked on the items and services you are describing to add a human touch to your tales. You can ask the team members to discuss their experience creating products.


You are losing out on a lot if you aren’t utilising Instagram’s strength in your digital marketing strategy. If correctly utilised, Instagram’s potential may help your items reach new heights.

Although there isn’t a perfect way to use Instagram video, the methods above can help you get started. And for those who frequently ask the question where can i buy instagram followersthere are many sites which provide you with followers.