Learn To Outsource Facebook Marketing Like An Expert

If you’re looking to grow your business, outsourcing is one of the best ways. But if you need help figuring out where to start, don’t worry; this comprehensive guide will walk you through every step of outsourcing Facebook marketing. You’ll learn how to find the right partners and set clear expectations with them (which is key in any successful relationship).

This guide will also show you how to create actionable checklists for each project, streamline communication between all parties involved, save time managing projects by delegating work appropriately instead of doing it yourself—and much more!

Find Your Outsourcing Partners:

The first step to outsourcing Facebook marketing is finding the right partners. You’ll want to look for someone with experience in your niche, preferably with a proven track record of success. The best way to find these people is by reaching out on social media and asking them if they’d be willing to chat with you about what they do and how they work with clients.

Set Easy-To-Track KPIs

The next step to effective Facebook marketing is setting goals. You need to know what “success” looks like before you start. If you need clear goals for your campaign or brand, how will you know when a certain tactic has worked?

It’s important to set SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable/Actionable, Results Focus) goals so that everyone involved knows what success looks like. These goals help avoid confusion and keep everyone on track by creating benchmarks for measuring results at regular intervals (e.g., monthly).

Create Actionable Checklists:

You will also want to create a checklist for the outsourcer. The purpose of the checklists is to help you stay organised and on track. They will help you keep track of the progress, better understand what is going on, and help you know when it’s time to make changes.

You should include five main areas when creating your checklist for an outsourced Facebook marketing campaign.

  • Campaign overview – include what services your freelancer offers and any goals or milestones.
  • Keywords – list any keywords or phrases that need optimisation on each social media platform being used (Facebook ads only allow up to 20)
  • Content calendar – list all content that needs to be created during this period (including dates).
  • Analytics – include a summary of any previous data collected and a list of goals for this period.
  • Social media scheduling – list all accounts that need to be updated and the date and time for each update.

Set Up A System For Reporting:

You can only know what’s working if you have a system for reporting. The most basic form of this is to create an excel spreadsheet with all the data and reports that need to be collected during this period.

Then, schedule time in your calendar every week when you will go through this report and analyse it. Make sure all the reported information is tracked so that if there are any issues with social media accounts, you can fix them immediately.

Streamline Communication With Those You Outsource To:

Once you have clear instructions for your outsourcers, it’s time to start communicating with them. It’s important to keep communication open and clear between yourself and the freelancers you hire. If a project goes off track, the cause is usually miscommunication or a lack of understanding on both sides. You can avoid it by ensuring your instructions are thorough and easy to understand.

Be Clear With Expectations:

Before you begin working with any outsourced Facebook marketing company, you must know what you expect from them and what they expect from you. That way, there are no misunderstandings or frustrations down the road.

Be prepared to explain your goals and expectations as clearly as possible so that the person on the other end can cater their service towards your needs specifically (and not just make up an ad based on guesswork). The clearer your instructions are initially given, the easier it will be for them later when changes need to happen or new campaigns need to start up or even end!


Facebook marketing is a great tool for any business. It is a service that can help you increase revenue and create a strong online presence. It requires time and effort to maintain. Therefore, if you are still determining what you want or need, it may be best to outsource Facebook marketing, which will guide you in the right direction.