The Bad Guys Thought After Watching The Film

“The Bad Guys” is directed by Pierre perifer, scripted by Ethan Cohen and Hillary Winston, voiced by Sam Rockwell, mark Malone, Craig Robinson, Anthony Ramos and okafina. The animated film produced by DreamWorks Animation was released in the United States on April 22, 2022. The film is adapted from the comic book of the same name by Allen breby. It tells the story of the world’s most wanted Gang “the bad guys” who decides to reform and become a model citizen. how to watch movies for free? You can click “The Bad Guys showtimes” to watch.

Introduction to The Bad Guys’s Plot

The handsome handsome pickpocket “big bad wolf”, the well-informed safe thief “greedy snake”, the calm and calm camouflage master “beautiful belly shark”, the irascible thug “piranha”, the articulate Hacker Expert “hacker spider”, composed of these five good friends who do all kinds of evil, the bad guys is the most notorious criminal organization in history, and has committed countless robberies over the years. After the bad guys became the world’s most wanted man and villain, these guys were finally arrested. But in order to escape this prison disaster for himself and his partners, the bad wolf negotiated a deal with the authorities (he didn’t intend to abide by it at all), that is, the bad guys must turn around.

Under the guidance of their mentor, a pretentious (but super cute) guinea pig Dr. marmalade, the bad guys plan to design a big scam to make the world think that they are really reformed and reformed. However, in this process, the big bad wolf began to think that doing good deeds might enable him to get what he had secretly longed for, that is, to be accepted and recognized by the world. So when a new villain threatens the city, I wonder if the big bad wolf can persuade other members of the bad guys to really become good people.

The Bad Guys Review

The Bad Guys’ art design is innovative, bold and beautiful. In addition, the excellent soundtrack of rare musical instruments such as banshuri flute and meletran electronic piano, the brilliant lights and the excellent dubbing cast all combine to create an animated film that can bring immersive film viewing experience to the audience.

At the same time, the original cartoon style is bright, humorous and interesting, and the style of the old and young also provides rich plot support for the film. In terms of dubbing, although the styles of many powerful actors such as Sam Rockwell and okafina are different, they cooperate perfectly, just like the tacit understanding among the members of the bad guys.