What Are The Types Of CNC Machining Process?


The CNC machining is utilized in the fields of industry and manufacturing. It uses computerized controls and machine tools to get a customized part or product by removing the layers of the material. The CNC Machining Servies like cnc machining china is a complex and intricate process that demands meticulous attention. The entire process of CNC machining involves a lot of processing such as designing, converting the design and creating the CNC program. Once the CNC program is created, the operator can load it into the CNC machine. Then the machining process begins.

Machine Setup

The CNC machine needs to be prepared before the operator runs the CNC program into it. These phases include affixing the workpiece directly into the machine by placing it onto machinery spindles. This can also be done by placing into machine vises or such similar work holding tools. The next phase is to attach the essential tooling like drill bits or end mills to the proper machine components. The operator can run the CNC program when the machine is completely set up.

Execution of Machining Operation 

The CNC program functions as directions for the CNC machine. It submits the machine commands dictating the actions and movements of the tooling into the machine’s integrated computer. This further operates and manipulates the machine tooling. The initiating of the program prompts the CNC machine to start the CNC machining process. The program guides the machine during the process as it executes the required machine operations to generate a custom-designed product.

Types of CNC Machining Processes 

The CNC machining process is suitable for a great range of industries that include aerospace, construction, automotive, etc. It can produce a large number of varied products like automobile frames, surgical equipment, hand and garden tools, and airplane engines. The processes include mechanical, electrical, thermal, and chemical for this purpose. The most common mechanical CNC machining operations are given below. 

  • Drilling – It is a machine process that employs multi-point drill bits to produce cylindrical holes in the workpiece.
  • Milling – The milling is a machining process that employs rotating multipoint cutting tools to remove the material from the workpiece.
  • Turning – The turning is a machining process that utilizes single-point cutting tools to remove material from the rotating workpiece.


The CNC Machining Servies have been used effectively and successfully by many industries to produce quality-oriented products with great accuracy and precision. This process of producing custom products using computer controls is possible due to technology advancement.