Factors To Consider Before Buying A Laptop

Now that you have determined how you will use your computer, there are several criteria you need to consider. These criteria will make the computer match you, and you may save money because it will not necessarily serve you to take a mighty computer and, therefore, more expensive.


The comfort of using your computer is an important point. For example, if you often work on a spreadsheet like Excel, having a numeric keypad is still more comfortable.

Another example, if you often work late at night, having a backlit keyboard will be more comfortable.


Size is one of the most important criteria for your comfort.

Be aware that the size of a screen can vary from 10 to 18 inches (28 to 45cm). Also, note that the size of the screen will define the size of the computer. In other words, the smaller the computer screen, the more it will be transportable.  The Dell PowerEdge R640 would be a great example.

The weight 

Weight is also an element to take into account. If you have to carry it with you all the time, choose a reasonably light computer. You should know that the average weight of a laptop is 3 kg. You can find so-called “Ultrabook” computers that weigh around 2 kg.

This is only an average, of course, you can find laptops weighing just 1 kg.


Having good battery life is necessary for travel and work. The more it would help if you had a powerful computer, the more independence you will need. Indeed, more efficient components will need more energy.

Do not hesitate to use the energy-saving mode, which is generally present on PCs. This will allow you to use the computer longer while reducing power, but without causing any discomfort.

The processor 

The processor is a crucial criterion in choosing your computer, even the most important. The processor is the heart of the PC. It is he who gives all the power necessary to run software and others.

You should know that a processor has between 2 and 4 cores. The closer the number of cores is to 4, the more you will be able to run several programs at the same time and smoothly.

 So, for office automation, a processor with two cores may suffice. For multimedia and gaming, strongly favor the four cores. The Dell PowerEdge T140 is a great example.