How to Track Your Shipment Without a Tracking Number

This is a frequently asked question. You may not have received a tracking number, and you are unsure if your package is nearing its final destination. There are some few tips put together to help you locate your goods when transporting them.

What is a Tracking Number?

 Some company who sell item online (ขายของออนไลน์ให้ปัง which is a term in Thai) consider that delivering their package to the delivery person can be very stressful. They probably spent hours preparing the items they wanted to ship and ensuring that all of their shipment details were accurate.

 And now they have to trust someone else to take care of their package during transit.

Even if they use the most reliable intermediary for shipping services, they still want to know if their package has reached its final destination.

Many courier companies understand that their customers need to be constantly informed about the transit of their shipments.

 Thus, the majority of them have created a tracking system for a package; it is dedicated to the users of their services.

Nowadays, senders receive a confirmation email at the end of their order with the details of the order and generally a tracking number for your shipment online. 

The latter tells them in which transit location their package was scanned and when it was done. To access this information, they need to notify the parcel tracking number (แจ้งเลขพัสดุ which is a term in Thai) on the web page tracking and localization of the courier company.

Next to where the package is, the customer can also see the status of their shipment – you can check our page dedicated to this and learn what each of these statuses means.

Here’s how the tracking system works for a package: your package, like all other packages, has a unique barcode.

 Before arriving at its final destination, your package must pass through different places of transit.

In each of these places, your package is scanned. In this way, the tracking system for a package is updated and informs you of the location of your shipment.