How Brokers and Lenders Utilize Mortgage CRMs

The mortgage industry has been given new life thanks to the technology that has come along with it. There are many benefits to using a CRM for your business, but it’s not always clear how they can help you. This guide is meant to serve as a simple starting point for identifying challenges and opportunities that exist with today’s mortgage lending software systems.

Automate the home-buying process

It’s no secret that the home buying process can be overwhelming. The sheer number of steps, people, and organizations involved in each step can make even the most seasoned buyers feel overwhelmed. 

That’s why to lessen complexity, mortgage lenders utilize mortgage CRM systems. They use these systems as an easy way to keep track of important information about borrowers such as contact information and documents submitted during the loan application process – including tax returns, bank statements, or even pictures of your home.

Lead management

Lenders and brokers utilize CRMs to manage the lifecycle of a potential borrower or customer. At its core, this involves managing leads in your CRM so that you can capture information about potential borrowers and then follow up with them at the right time to maximize conversion rates.

Lead management is essential for any business looking to grow its customer base through marketing campaigns or by getting new customers through referrals from old ones – in other words: pretty much all businesses. A good CRM will allow you to track when someone fills out an inquiry form on your website or responds to an email campaign so that you can follow up appropriately.

Use across the entire mortgage organization

It’s important to note that a CRM system doesn’t have to be just for the mortgage sales department. While it is valuable for them, its usefulness can extend across the entire organization, from underwriting and processing to servicing and collection.

Your processors use their CRM system to manage workflow for each file throughout processing. This includes updating statuses on each file at key points throughout its lifecycle to keep everyone else in the loop about where things stand at any given time.

Loan officers can also benefit from using a robust mortgage management tool because they will be able to track all of their activity related to every client they service—from first contact until the closing day—throughout every stage of the sales funnel: pre-approval; pre-qualification; loan application; appraisal; title search; funding approval; closing documents delivery, processing and signing,

Prequalify leads

When you’re a broker or lender trying to maximize your efficiency, you must never lose a lead again. Your CRM can help you track your pre qualify leads, so you never lose a lead again.

Your CRM can also allow brokers and lenders to focus on their top clients. It will give them an easy way to see who is ready to buy and who isn’t (this is especially helpful when dealing with short sales). In addition, this feature gives brokers the ability to easily see which properties are vacant versus occupied and what stage the property is in (such as under contract or pending sale). This information helps brokers know exactly where they need to be at any given time for them not only to have success but also to help ensure their client doesn’t get lost in the process.

Analyze your sales funnel at every stage

A great mortgage CRM will help you analyze your sales funnel at every stage. The best CRMs provide a quick, visual snapshot of the entire sales cycle. With these tools, you can track the progress of your sales funnel and see which leads are buying and which ones aren’t. They’ll also help you monitor your team’s productivity—which leads are closing, which ones aren’t closing, etc.—so that you can adjust accordingly by making sure they’re doing what they need to do to close more deals and make money for the company.


With so many mortgage CRM systems to choose from, it can be difficult to find the right one for your company. But some key differences make a CRM more effective than others. A great mortgage CRM will help you analyze your sales funnel at every stage and automate tedious tasks so you can spend more time doing what you love—selling mortgages.