How to Effectively Market your Business in 2021

It’s safe to say that the previous year threw some curveballs at us that we could never expect or predict. However, even with the onset of the pandemic, business continued as usual— or unusual. The best marketing strategies of the previous year involved treating viewers and consumers as humans, creating compelling brand connections, and improving brand imaging.

Keeping in line with these insights, here are some great ways to improve your marketing techniques in 2021.

Improve Online Experiences

One way to boost your sales and effectively market your business is by improving your customer’s online experience.

Customers in 2021 want to be able to connect with brands, and they want to do it fast. They expect to be answered the minute they ask a question, and they choose their brands and organizations based on response time. Hiring customer service reps to work 24/7 is a good idea, though it may not be within everyone’s budget. As a result, we recommend investing in AI chatbots— they’re a great alternative that can give your customers fast, responsive communication. They can help streamline simple tasks so that your employees aren’t overburdened, and they can access customer data, providing them with more personalized recommendations and a better customer experience overall.

Additionally, creating a user-friendly layout will also help in boosting sales and improve marketing for your brand. Understanding how to create an effective and engaging layout for your audience that’s easy to use is one of the biggest marketing priorities in 2021, making it an important aspect that brands should consider focusing on.

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Use the Principles of Neuromarketing

Neuromarketing is the use of neuroscience tools and principles to conduct research on consumer behavior and engagement. This helps in indicating consumption patterns of a target audience, allowing brands to effectively improve their strategies in terms of branding.

Neuromarketing helps brands identify and explore emotional and psychological triggers in their audience. This means that brands can effectively use these triggers to improve brand image, create customer loyalty, boost website traffic, and ultimately ramp up their sales.

Many world-famous brands such as Airbnb, Pepsi-Co, and Starbucks have invested in neuromarketing tools that have increased their revenue and made them household names.

Though neuromarketing may sound complex, it employs simple techniques that we already know of, such as color psychology and social proof. Simply using color psychology in your website or brand’s theme can help appeal to your audience by evoking certain emotions or feelings in them, making it a cheap and effective means of promoting your business.

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Use Social Proof

Social proof is an excellent means to improve your brand and website’s legitimacy. In a recent survey, 84% of participants said that they trust online reviews just as much as they would trust a testimonial from a friend. This shows the effectiveness of social proof and testimonials for marketing businesses, making it a necessary tool in this day and age.

Most businesses have websites with different landing pages for their testimonials. However, it’s highly unlikely that visitors are interested enough in the content to visit the page. As a result, brands and businesses should consider integrating bits of social proof and testimonials into their website. This will indicate to the viewer that the brand’s legitimacy is supported by valid reasoning, and if it’s easily accessible, it’s more likely that your viewers will engage with it.

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Video Content Marketing

Video content marketing is the newest craze in the marketing industry, with research showing that videos on a landing page can increase conversions by up to 80%! A compelling video not only increases brand awareness but helps customers create a personal connection to your business. Video marketing also helps improve trust and credibility for a business, especially in terms of tutorials.

There’s ample evidence to suggest that appealing to a viewer’s emotions impacts their behavior and decisions. In a recent study, this belief was reaffirmed when it was found that there was a highly positive correlation between emotional ads and a positive view of a particular brand.

Advertisements and video marketing content that appeals to people’s emotions positively influence their decision by creating associations with a brand, making it an effective means to market your business or brand. With huge powerhouses like Google, Alibaba, and Coca-Cola using emotional video marketing content, it’s really an effective marketing solution you should consider investing in.

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