How to Reset a WordPress Site? Try WP Reset Now

Today we are learning to reset a WordPress site. As a powerful open source, WordPress allows everyone to easily start a website for their business or blogs. You should invest some energy messing around with WordPress until you truly get the chance to understand how it works.

If you are a newbie to WordPress, sooner or later you will make a mistake no matter how careful you are. 

If you are developing a perfect site for your personal needs or for your clients, you will have to try different themes, plugins until you get the one you expect. You can find tons of plugins and themes and you have to test 4 or 5 plugins for the same functionality. 

If you are starting out and after days you might realize that you need to start over after trying different things, you decided to reset your WordPress site. So how to reset your WordPress site?

How to Reset your WordPress Site?

If you want to reset your WordPress site in a single click, we recommend you to use WP Reset Plugin from by WebFactory Ltd. WP Reset quickly resets any WordPress site’s database to its default installation without modifying any files. Here we go with some of the best features of WP Reset.

  1. It is Free to Use, no hidden fees
  2. Best for developers for plugin and theme testing, debugging and coding
  3. One-click reset option to reset your site in one click whenever you need a fresh WordPress installation.
  4. Resetting will delete all posts, pages, custom post types, comments, user information, etc.
  5. It will delete all WP database tables and custom tables.
  6. It will not delete and media files.
  7. It will not delete currently logged in username and password.
  8. It will not change your basic site settings and SEO settings.

Reset your site using WP Reset

Resetting your site using WP Reset is so simple. 

  1. Install and activate the WP Reset Plugin
  2. Go to the tools menu and open plugin’s settings page
  3. Scroll down to the bottom and type Reset in the confirmation field, then click Reset WordPress to finish the reset.

Hope this article helps you to reset WordPress site easily. Let us know your thoughts on WP Reset through comments,