Joe Biden’s $10B Cybersecurity Down Payment: Know About It!

The cybersecurity strategy head for VMware Carbon Black, Tom Kellermann, spoke about the security challenges faced by the United States government over a long time now. However, Joe Biden, the new President, has come up with the cybersecurity initiative at his inauguration. It embarks $10 billion for several cybersecurity defence initiatives. It includes recruiting new security personnel supporting the Cybersecurity Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA).

The initiative was applauded by VMware Carbon Black cybersecurity head Tom Kellermann. He said that it could be considered a down payment concerning a huge amount that needs to be invested in digital security. Over time, the number can go around $100 billion.

What Tom Kellermann has to share?

Tom Kellermann revealed that the US is facing many attacks, and cybersecurity needs attention. Cybercrimes are increasing, which was never like this before. The first thing the US government needs to do is to enhance the security controls and get better visibility on what threat actors are doing. Not many changes were made in terms of security in the country previously. That’s why the intelligence communities and law enforcement have been affected extensively by the Trump administration.

A historic change

But it is expected that you can see a huge change under the Biden administration. Also, an increase in the funding to CISA has been seen recently to start hunting for the threats.

About sparrow

Generally, it permits you to identify, following which you can disrupt the TTP connected with the SolarWinds campaigns. It was built by a woman, Victoria, from CISA. She was exceptionally talented and using that, the adversary has maintained persistence in all devices. The two issues faced in SolarWinds are a supply-chain hack and a technical and tactical perspective used by the Russian cyber attackers.

About Biden’s spending $10 billion in cybersecurity

It is a great initiative, and $10 billion is just a down payment. The number will probably reach 100 billion over time. Presently, cybersecurity is fragile, but if it is well spent, it can help improve the security of the government agencies, which is needed at this point.

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