Some Recommended Copy Trading Platforms and The Benefits

There are many options in trading. For beginners who are still learning the trading, they do not need to directly get involved in the active trading. They can still enjoy trading in simpler way. It still can bring them profit although they do not need to make every decision and analysis. What they need to do is to find the copy trading and later they will be able to know start trading by following the experts or professional. As its name shows, copy trading is quite unique way in trading in which you will copy the actions and even strategies in trading. You will copy the trade of experts and professionals. By doing so, it is true that you will not need to worry about the steps and decisions that you need to make. Basically, you only need to follow the ones that you are going to copy.

It is quite simple to know how it works. You only need to find the account that you need to follow. Later, you can choose between the automatic copy trading and semi-automatic one. Commonly, brokers will provide you these two choices and you can take the most suitable one for you. In case you are not confident in making the steps in trading, you can choose the automatic trading. Of course, copy trading does not guarantee that you will always gain profits. There will be moments to get returns and losses. It all depends on the accounts that you follow. Copy trading is not free because you still need to pay the fee or commission to the trader whose you copy the trade. Thus, you need to find reliable copy trading platform that can provide you with more trusted and capable traders.

There are many choices of copy trading platforms. The copy trading has become quite popular and many new traders use the method to gain passive income or they want to learn from the more experienced and professional traders. In this case, RoboForex has CopyFX that can become first choice of reliable copy trading platform. Even for new traders with lack of experiences and knowledge, they are still able to use the platform quite easily because it offers simpler and easier interface to use. In addition, it offers low minimum deposit so it is very suitable for the new traders. You do not need to worry about huge loss because you have to start with huge amount of money. With deposit of $10, you can start trying the copy trading. There are also many strategy providers that you can follow.

Next, you can choose eToro Copy Trader. It also provides you with easy interface. The friendlier interface will give you easier access and you do not need to get confused when you use the platform. You will be able to learn quickly in learning the platform and use it. Then, you can get options of more than 2300 instruments. You can choose your desired instrument, starting from forex, CFDs, and also the cryptocurrencies. The minimum deposit in eToro is around $50. This may be slightly higher than the one offered by RoboForex, but it is still quite affordable for the new traders. Moreover, with the deposit, you can choose four types of account with different benefits. The account with the best features will be the VIP account although it will require you to have more capital later in trading.