Tips To Taking Selfie Pictures

Although it is very common to come across self-portraits in the most diverse social networks, it is necessary to know the best tips to hit the selfie and take off your social profiles. So, if your goal is to take beautiful pictures with your mobile device’s front camera, you must know all the steps you need to follow.

  1. Making A Professional Self-Portrait

A perfect selfie is a self-portrait that can be an action that seeks some recognition, especially in social circles where the person would like to belong. Thus, because it is also an action based on vanity, it is sought by people who wish to be the prominent presence of events and clicks.

Thus, a selfie seeks not only the self-portrait and a different way that a person has to represent himself in front of others. This type of click can improve communication on social networks and tell a story, and arousing emotions. Because of this, it has been increasingly seen as a movement that approaches professional photography.

This is due to the concern of preparing for the photo to have an excellent look, much like an increasingly less amateur photo.

  1. Use A TripodAnd Timer

To take a perfect selfie, it is interesting to choose the use of a tripod and a timer. That way, you can position your mobile device in the best possible way. This way, your photos don’t come out blurry, and you have total control under the click of the button, which can sometimes be a problem in selfies.

  1. Angles And Lens Distance

Make several tests to define what is the best angle for your clicks. It can vary depending on the lighting and the distance you are from the lens. Also, images clicked very closely suggest that you have nobody or that it is too small. The photos were taken below, on the other hand, tend to devalue your face. This way, the best angle is usually the one generated when the cell phone is slightly elevated, and the person is with the chin tilted towards the camera.

Following this tip, you will notice your wrinkles’ smoothing, which also makes your body and face thinner. However, if this is not the best option, the best thing to do is continue testing.

  1. The Proper Lighting For The Perfect Selfie

Your mobile device may have the best camera in the world. However, it will not work magic if the lighting is not adequate. You must try to make use of natural light whenever possible. However, if it is night or indoors, look for a space with as many lights as possible.

Usually, the lights are on the ceiling. Interestingly, you tilt your head and your cell phone towards them to avoid the formation of shadows on your face. Use great editing apps like in a better result.