Phone Hacking: How To Stop It?

Phone hacking has become a ‘scare’ nowadays, and the truth is that hacking a smartphone is not difficult for hackers. Even though the technology has upgraded the security aspects, it has not changed anything for cyber terrorists. Irrespective of how sophisticated your phone is, criminals can hack it in one or another way.

Hacking Software

Are you aware that Android and other smartphone mobile hacking software is available for free? Hacking software is a way hackers use to collect data from your system. Serious criminals can purchase hacking tools like Spy App installed on your phone. Nowadays, to hack the phone, it does not need to be handled physically.

About keylogging

Keylogging is another approach that involves downloading the app to target the device. It takes all the data present in the phone before encryption. A trojan is malware used to extract confidential data like personal information or credit card details. To get the app installed on your device, hackers will try phishing activities, so you fall into the trap.


It is a way used by cyber terrorists by impersonating a person to gain crucial information. You will receive images, official-looking codes, messages, etc., from hackers on your text messages and emails. As you click the malicious content, the URL hacks your phone, taking all the details.

SIM card hacking

The CEO of Twitter in 2019 had his SIM card hacked using the phishing method. It is possible when the hacker contacts your phone provider pretending to be you and asks for a replacement of a SIM card. As the details are sent, it helps hackers to hack your phone.

Phone hacking

To hack using a phone, one has to understand the technicalities. SS7 signaling is a way of connecting cell networks. But to hack the phone using this method, it needs to be accessed. Using the SS7 system, reading messages, forwarding calls, recording calls, finding locations can be done. Comparatively, it is a tough process so that an average individual can take a longer time.

Using a VPN

But if you have a VPN connection installed on your phone, hacking activities can be reduced to a great extent. It protects your phone from cybercriminals trying to get through your details. Vpnveteran is a service provider offering various subscription plans, and you can avail of one. It will protect your phone and maintain privacy while browsing online.