Is the Mamba electronic herbal grinder good?

About me

I am a long-time herb enthusiast and have high standards. I appreciate a smooth (in both usage and final product) grind, a grinder that is efficient, and getting the most out of my herb. Historically, I turn to manual grinders, as I have not found an electric grinder that does not get oily and sticky and require near-constant maintenance. I was very pleased with the Mamba herbal grinder – it did not get gunked up, it was predictable every single time, and I was able to appreciate the full odour and potency of my herb. This is a quality machine, and you can tell that it was engineered with performance in mind. 

The grinder

Perhaps the most impressive feature of the Mamba electric grinder is the one-handed operation. The cone shaped funnel allows for precise application of my herb without risk of spilling or wastage. After a long night, the last thing you need is to spill your herb or end up with carpet fibres mixed in. Comparing the Mamba herb grinder to my manual grinder was no competition: Mamba was the clear winner. One extra turn with my old grinder produced too fine of a grind, one few turns ends up with coarse, choppy, herb. The Mamba grinder is so simple to use and ground so flawlessly that it is hard to believe used my old one as long as I did. It is in the trash now. 

The product

One of the most astonishing things I have discovered since using the Mamba electric herbal grinder is that my herb seems much more potent and aromatic. Having the right grind really improved my herbal experience. The smoothness and aroma of my herb was unlike anything I have been able to accomplish with a manual grinder, or any of the other electric grinders I have tried. 

The quality

You can tell, from the first time you use the Mamba electric herb grinder, that it was designed, engineered, machined, and assembled with incredible care and attention to detail. It is made from aircraft-grade aluminum, and the high quality of the Mamba grinder is absolutely unparalleled. You know how sometimes you pick something up and it just feels high quality, or, alternatively, poor quality? The Mamba herb grinder consistently lives up to the high standards set by the designers and manufacturers – high quality equipment leads to a high-quality product, and subsequently a high-quality grind. 

The big picture

I was skeptical at first – I have tried many electric grinders, only for them to underperform and deliver poor quality grind. In a few cases, they completely ruined my herb. The Mamba grinder has absolutely converted me to electric herb grinders, and unlike its sub-par counterparts, the Mamba grinder is a precision piece of equipment. Other electric grinders I have tried were poor quality, regardless of the price paid, and felt cheap and gimmicky. The Mamba grinder is absolutely worth the price, and you owe it to yourself to get the most out of your herb. The Mamba electric herb grinder is definitely the best way to unlock all the aromatic profiles, potency, and properties of your herb. It comes in four designer colour profiles, and you should prepare to display it for the artistic design alone. It is a beautiful, high-quality, piece of machinery.